Interim Study

A bill may be sent to interim study in the second year of session only.

      • The committee chairman appoints interim study subcommittee members from among the committee membership.
      • There is no requirement for how much work is necessary…several subcommittee work sessions on the bill, or none at all.
      • The interim study bill subcommittee recommendation deadline is set by the committee chair (usually mid – late October).
      • The full committee must come together for an executive session where one of only two options is presented.
        • “Recommended for Future Legislation” or
        • “Not Recommended for Future Legislation.”
      • The final report of the standing committee will be in a House Calendar in late November or early December.
      • If the standing committee recommends future legislation, a member will submit an LSR in the following session.

If a bill is “Referred for Interim Study” the bill is disposed of in terms of official docketing purposes.

(Interim study is not the same as a retained bill.)