Treasury Website


The Commissioner of the Treasury issues regular dashboard summaries of the current state of the treasury.

    • Liquidity Update is simply the amount of combined operating cash available to the State Treasury, not including investments such as CD’s or Government Agency-type holdings.  The Treasury presently holds no such investments.
    • Abandoned Property Claims Update is an indication of how “caught up” the Division is in terms of processing claims received.  At a maximum, the Division is statutorily allowed up to 90 days from the date the claim is filed to provide written notice to a claimant regarding the status of the claim.  At various high volume times of the year, typically August through November, the Division might fall behind by 60-90 days, but that is not the case currently.
    • State GO Credit Rating summarizes the current credit rating and outlook that each of the three major rating agencies has assigned to State of NH General Obligation (“GO”) bonds.  In order to provide a more complete context the report includes summary-level data highlighting where the State ranks in relation to other states that issue GO bonds.
    • Bonds Outstanding is a snapshot of how much and what major types of bonds were outstanding as of the end of the previous fiscal year.  That date is used because it allows the reader to verify the information against the State’s most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
    • New Money GO Bond Issue Results is a record of what it cost the State on an “all-in” basis to issue GO bonds for the ten most recent issues.  The graph provides a visualization of the condition of the municipal finance and interest rate markets that prevailed at the time of each issue.  For example, the most costly GO bond issue occurred in November 2008 during the start of the capital market upheaval that triggered the Great Recession.  The final box in the lower right is a simple average of the State’s “cost of funds” for the ten previous GO issues.


12/14: Pursuant to our imminent bond issues totaling $145 million, we have formally received ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s as follows:  Standard & Poors: AA, stable outlook;  Moody’s: Aa1, stable outlook.  Please note that the S&P rating restores the State’s outlook to stable, after having lowered it to negative in April in the wake of the MET constitutionality ruling.  [Source: William Dwyer]

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