Executive Council


The Executive Council of the State of New Hampshire has the authority and responsibility, together with the Governor, over the administration of the affairs of the State.

      • Ensure state departments do not spend more than was authorized by the legislature, nor allocate funds for items or services which the legislature has not sanctioned
      • Approve contracts with a value of $10,000.
      • Approve the appointments of Judges, Commissioners, Notary Public, Justice of Peace, Commissioners of Deeds and hear Pardon Requests.
      • Appoint more than 300 citizens to serve on various state agencies, boards and commissions.
      • Confirm the Governor’s nominations for unclassified state employees including Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners.
      • Confirm District, Superior and Supreme Court Justices, medical referees and military officers.

The Executive Council has the power to effectively kill laws passed by both the House and Senate and signed by the Governor,  just by declining to approve the contracts which will implement the law.




Councilors are elected every two years, concurrently with the Governor.

    • Each of the five Executive Councilors represents one fifth of the population or approximately 247,000 citizens.
    • District 1 comprises 108 towns and four cities, stretching from Coos County south to Alton, Andover, Tilton and Newport.

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