Ways & Means

NH Constitution, Article 12:

“Every member of the community has a right to be protected by it, in the enjoyment of his life, liberty, and property; he is therefore bound to contribute his share in the expense of such protection, and to yield his personal service when necessary.

House Ways and Means Committee

Considers how the money (revenue) to pay for services is to be raised.

Where the Money Comes From

Overview of NH’s Tax System –  NH Fiscal Policy Institute

Transparent NH (charts and figures)

Federal Funds in NH – State Smart


Restricted Revenues

    • Funds from certain sources that can be used only for specific purposes.
    • For example, Federal program revenues are used only for the purposes of those programs.  Revenues from Highway, Fish & Game fees, Turnpike Tolls and other “restricted purpose funds” are used only for expenditures within those funds.

Unrestricted Revenues

    • For use by the General and Education Trust funds.



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