Constitutional Rights for People

The United State Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case gave corporations free speech rights our Founders intended only for people.

    • Corporations are allowed to spend as much as they want to influence elections, drowning out the voices of individuals.
    • Members of the US Congress depend on moneyed interests for campaign funding and corporations in turn count on Congress for special favors like tax loopholes and bailouts.
    • Our laws do not require these so-called “independent” or special-interest organizations to register or report anything — not where the money comes from or where it goes. Thus, outside money flows into our state anonymously.
    • In our last election, an unknown number of out-of-state special-interest organizations spent millions of dollars in political communications to support or defeat candidates.

New Hampshire people

    • According to a University of New Hampshire Granite State Poll, 72 percent of New Hampshire residents oppose the Citizens United ruling and New Hampshire residents across party lines polled are in favor of a constitutional amendment by a 3 to 1 margin.
    • In 2014, 52 New Hampshire communities overwhelmingly passed warrant articles at town meetings calling for the state Legislature to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
    • We the People: Mount Washington Valley” support an amendment to the United States Constitution declaring that
        • The rights and protections afforded to citizens by the Constitution of the United States apply only to natural persons,
        • Federal and state legislatures shall have the authority to regulate and limit, but not ban, all expenditures from any source supporting or opposing the election of any candidate for federal or state office, or for any initiative or referendum.

2013 HCR2,

    • Requesting Congress to begin the process for a constitutional amendment establishing that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights,
    • Passed the House (with the support of Rep. Ticehurst)
    • Not introduced (and therefore not voted on) by the Senate

2014 SB 307

    • Establishing a committee to review Citizens United amendments to the United States Constitution
    • Amended and passed by the Senate
    • Amended and passed by the House.
    • The Senate version did not mention “reversing” Citizens United and recognized the need to study, but not the need to overturn the ruling.
    • The House version included an example of issues to be studies such as “requiring disclosure of donors and shareholder approval of corporate and labor election contributions” but the Senate version did not.
    • The House sends copies of its report to several committees not specified in the Senate version.
    • The House and Senate were not able to reconcile the differences in a Committee of Conference so the bill failed.

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