Capital Budget

HB 25 makes appropriations for capital improvements for the next two years.  

    • The Governor makes recommendations.  
      • For FY 2015, Governor Hassan focused on investments in projects that are critical for encouraging innovation and creating jobs.
    • Each department goes before the Public Works and Highway Committee with their requests.
    • The House Public Works and Highway Committee develops the capital budget.
      • The FY 2015 capital budget received unanimous, bipartisan support in the Public Works Committee.
    • The House vote was was 285 in favor and 68 opposed.
    • The bill had another public hearing in the Senate and was amended.
    • A Committee of Conference met to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions.
    • The money appropriated by for the capital budget may bonded by the state.  

The FY 2015 budget passed in 2013 authorizes nearly $245 million in capital appropriations for FY 14/15, leveraging approximately $125 million in general fund bonding authority, with the balance from other sources. 

The final bill signed by Gov. Hassan included funds for:

    • $38 million for the state to build a new women’s prison with modern facilities that can provide the same level of safety measures and programs offered at the men’s prison
    • Additional liquor stores
    • Completion the Hampton North Beach Seawall repair project
    • NH’s match money to replace the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between Portsmouth and Kittery, ME.
    • Business One-Stop, which puts services online for New Hampshire businesses;
    • Career and technology education (CTE) centers in Salem and Whitefield;
    • Enterprise Licensing System that will put all professional licenses on one common, online platform;
    • Continuation of the E-Court Initiative;
    • Community College and University system projects.

The full details of the capital budget can be found at

Included in the FY 2015 House Capital Budget:

    • Repair and replace facilities used by the National Guard. The federal government will contribute $7.225 million and the state will contribute $2.125 million.
    • $8.354 million for repair of state buildings, including repair of the State House Dome, new software for the House of Representatives voting system, and roof repair at various facilities across the state. The New Hampshire building at the Eastern States Expo will get a new roof.
    • Construction of a new 224 bed women’s prison. HB 25 requires the prison to be sited on state lands adjacent to the men’s prison, unless an alternate location is deemed necessary. There is also a provision that the prison could be expanded to 350 beds for future needs.
    • Renovation of two Career Technical Centers. The two approved this year were for Whitefield and Salem.
    • Dam repairs and reconstruction;
    • Revolving fund for water and waste water projects.
    • The Department of Health and Human Services will receive both state and federal funds to make safety improvements to the Glencliff Home, improvements to several data systems and additional psychiatric crisis beds.
    • The Department of Information Technology will receive money for several data systems.
    • The Liquor Commission has been given the go ahead to construct new retail stores in Salem and Epping, and make renovations to other liquor stores. The payment for these bonds will be made from the liquor commission funds.
    • State parks improvements, replacement of the entrance of the Sherman Adams Building on Mount Washington, repair of the Hampton Beach Seawall.
    • The Department of Safety will be provided money for radio interoperability infrastructure.
    • The Secretary of State will receive money for shelving replacement and fire suppression.
    • The Department of Transportation will receive money for the 5 percent match for Federal Aviation Projects, matching funds for public transit bus and freight rail along with money for underground fuel tank replacement, deferred maintenance on welcome centers and a new patrol shed in Derry.
    • The Veterans Home will receive money for equipment upgrades.
    • The Community College System and the University of New Hampshire were granted money for capital projects which will be paid for by student fees.

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