Emergency Planning

ReadyNH is New Hampshire’s emergency preparedness Web site.

    • It provides individuals, families and businesses with the information they need to protect themselves during a disaster.
    • Some material, such as checklists for emergency supplies, is applicable all the time and remains posted. Other information is seasonal and is changed throughout the year.
    • The site will also serve as the central location for all information related to active disasters when they are in progress.

NH Department of Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

NH Division of Emergency Services & Communications – Enhanced 9-1-1:

Tamworth Emergency Planning:

Emergency Operations Center: Town Offices; (back up generator available); Alternative Emergency Operations Center: Police Department

Local Emergency Operations Plan: revised in 2014.

Emergency Supplies Trailer

  • Tamworth has a trailer containing supplies for the emergency shelter, which is at the Brett School.  It can be moved to alternative locations or brought to assist other towns.
  • Funding was provided by local taxpayers and an Emergency Management Performance grant.

Carroll County Public Health

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