HHSEA New Laws


HB232 Title: relative to the membership of the governor’s commission on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment.
HB236 Title: relative to membership of the council on autism spectrum disorders.
HB261 -FN Title: (New Title) relative to the assistance program for 2-parent families with dependent children and making a technical correction.
HB293 Title: relative to the adverse events reporting system.
HB313 Title: relative to the regulation of the compounding of drugs by pharmacists.
HB375 Title: requiring certain health care organizations to report to the department of health and human services regarding implementation of New Hampshire’s 10-year mental health plan.
HB481 -FN Title: limiting the state’s authority to seek reimbursement for public assistance.
HB528 Title: relative to support and care costs for children with disabilities.
HB556 Title: establishing a committee to study the resolution of barriers to the use of telehealth technology in New Hampshire.
HB636 Title: relative to the waitlist for community mental health services.
SB17 Title: establishing a commission to study palliative care and associated quality of life initiatives.
SB24 Title: relative to Medicaid rates.
SB45 Title: relative to electronic prescriptions.
SB71 Title: establishing a committee to study the use and misuse of prescription drugs in workers’ compensation cases.
SB83 Title: relative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
SB87 Title: relative to the patients’ bill of rights.
SB166 Title: relative to critical incident stress management and crisis intervention services.
SB170 Title: relative to advance directives pertaining to life-sustaining treatment.
SB171 Title: relative to the council for children and adolescents with chronic health conditions.
SB194 -FN Title: requiring the department of health and human services to implement the Medicaid family planning expansion.
SB226 Title: relative to reporting of health care associated infections.


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