Community Mental Health

The Department of Health & Human Services has oversight of public mental health services through its Bureau of Behavioral Health under the Division of Community Based Care.

Community Mental Health Centers

    • There are ten community mental health regions in the state.  
    • Each region has an independent, non-profit Community Mental Health Center which contracts with the Bureau of Behavioral Health.  
    • Northern Human Services in Conway serves Carroll County.  
    • The 10 centers belong to the NH Community Behavioral Health Association.

People Served

In SFY 2012, a total of 49,561 individuals were served through the community mental health system.

        • 21,000 of these people have Medicaid
        • 10,664 were adults with a severe mental illness (SMI/SPMI)
        • 9,603 were children with serious emotional disturbance (SED)
        • This is a 5.2% increase over the previous year.

Funding Priorities

Medicaid funding is directed to priority populations.

        • 97% of Medicaid funding to the Community Mental Health Care Centers support services to individuals with a severe mental disability.
        • 84% of the overall hours of services delivered support this population.
        • Others get short term services or are referred for private treatment.
        • Administrative costs are 2%.

It costs less than $200 per day for treatment at a community mental health center, but about $800 per day at NH Hospital. (Source: Business NH)

The Office of Legislative Budget Assistant did a performance audit of the Community Mental Health System in July of 2010.

Peer Support Agencies

    • Each region has a Peer Support Agency.
    • The Alternative Life Center operates the Conway Peer Support Center.
    • Warmline, 447-1765

Community Mental Health Homes

    • Housing for people with mental illness

Family Mutual Support

    • NAMI NH has a contract with the state.

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