Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Help


The purpose of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is to expand access to health insurance, using four strategies:

    • No one will be denied coverage because of illness or health status.
    • More people could get Medicaid coverage.
    • Tax subsidies and rebates will help make health insurance more affordable.
    • Penalties are levied on those who choose not to obtain or offer insurance.

Other benefits:

    • Requiring inclusion of women’s preventive services in new coverage
    • Eliminating lifetime caps,
    • Expanding coverage to young adults age 26 and under on their parent’s plans,
    • Limiting administrative costs to 20 percent of premium dollars, with 80 percent required to go to providing health care.
    • Essential Health Benefits


Parts of the Affordable Care Act are in effect now and others phase in later, Year by Year.

The NH Insurance Department summarizes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,

Cadillac Plan Tax

Getting Coverage


Renewal of Existing Plans

Affordable Care Act for Employers


The 2013 Committee of Conference on SB 148, (relative to electric renewable portfolio standards), agreed to include language which allows the NH Insurance Department to implement the Affordable Care Act.

Risk Pool

Network Adequacy

County Jails and the Affordable Care Act

Report by the National Association of Counties

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