Voter ID

For 2014:

A voter who does not have an approved photo ID may obtain a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from their town/city clerk or the Secretary of State to any NH DMV office that issues identification.

 Any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be permitted to vote after executing a “challenged voter affidavit”.   This is a form you sign stating that you are who you represent yourself to be, that you are qualified to vote in this town, and you have a legal domicile there.

 If you filled out a “challenged voter affidavit” in order to vote on Election Day, you will receive a verification letter from the Secretary of State requesting confirmation that you voted in the election. If you do not respond in writing to the Secretary of State within 90 days of the date it was mailed, the Attorney General will conduct an investigation to determine whether fraudulent voting occurred.

Voter ID Explanatory Document 2013


The Committee of Conference on 2013 HB 595 agreed to an amendment which:

    • Continues acceptance of student ID’s for requesting a ballot; (The old law ended acceptance of student IDs on Sept. 1.)
    • Allows use of valid student identification if the card is issued by a college or career school in New Hampshire or a New Hampshire high school. Student IDs can be expired but the expiration date must have been within five years. 
    • Permits voters 65 and older to use expired ID’s for voting purposes;  Voters under 65 can use an ID for up to 5 years past its expiration date;
    • Continues with all the other ID’s.
    • Permits moderators to verify a person’s identity or allow IDs not specified by law.
    • Delays the requirement that local election officials take photographs of individuals choosing to vote without photo ID until September 1, 2015 .

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