State Aid

State Aid Program Reports

    • Adequate Education Aid
    • Allocation for Special Education ADM
    • Building Aid Distribution
    • Catastrophic Aid
    • Charter School Aid
    • Kindergarten Aid
    • Vocational Tuition and Transportation Aid

State Aid

    • The Augenblick Formula was devised to calculate the amount of state aid that would be given to school districts for fund education.  The State agreed to contribute 8% of the cost of education to a fund targeted to aid poor districts.
    • The Claremont lawsuit, on behalf of five school districts that could not afford to properly fund their schools based on local property taxes, challenged the constitutionality of the New Hampshire allocation of school funding.
    • In 1993, the New Hampshire Supreme Court interpreted Part II, Article 83 of the New Hampshire Constitution to guarantee students a right to a public education.
    • In 1997, the New Hampshire school funding system was found unconstitutional and the legislature and governor were ordered to define the components of a constitutionally adequate education, cost them out and pay for them with taxes that were equal across the state.
    • Four governors and their legislatures refused to comply with the Court’s orders leading the Supreme Court to again find the school funding system unconstitutional in September, 2006.  (Source: Wikipedia)

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