House District: Carroll #3

  • Includes four towns:  Albany, Freedom, Madison, Tamworth
  • Has two State Representatives: Rep. Susan Ticehurst & Rep. Jerry Knirk
  • The towns of District #3 are also in the larger “floterial” District #7, represented by Rep. Ed Butler.

House of Representatives Committee

  • House committees hear testimony on bills and make recommendations to the full House.
  • Rep. Ticehurst serves on the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee.
  • Member of Division 1, which works on all bills pertaining to mental health, addiction and suicide prevention
  • Committee Clerk, responsible for summarizing testimony and recording votes

Carroll County Convention

  • The state representatives of each county form their “county convention”.
  • The members of the county convention are known as the “delegation”.
  • Rep. Ticehurst is vice-chair and serves on the executive committee
  • Carroll County covers 19 towns and areas.