Members of the House of Representatives form their county’s Delegation or “Convention”.

Member Contact Information (2017-18)


Laws enabling County Conventions


The County Delegation is responsible for appropriating the funds necessary to support the functions of county government.

These include, but are not limited to, programs mandated by state law such as the non-federal share of the long-term care Medicaid program for seniors in county and private nursing homes (the largest expense),  the Choices for Independence program (home care), county attorney’s offices, county jails, county sheriff’s offices and the county register of deeds offices.

The full delegation meets annually to review the budget as prepared and recommended by the county commissioners.  The delegation then makes adjustments and approves the final budget.

Traditionally, more than 50% of county revenue comes from the county property tax, which is based on local property valuation and is collected by the municipality and remitted to the county.

Budgets, Reviews, Audits & Statements, Reports

Fiscal Year

Performance Audits

The County Delegation may authorize a performance audit.


Minutes are available on the county website.

County Delegation meetings are live streamed by GovernmentOversite, a private organization.

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