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NH Business One Stop is designed to help businesses identify what they need to know to work with state agencies to run a successful business in New Hampshire. It is almost impossible for a small business owner to know which agency has oversight over the myriad of areas in which the business must be compliant to operate in this state. The Business One Stop portal puts the information together in one place. is New Hampshire’s one-stop resource for information and assistance if you’re thinking of relocating or expanding your business to New Hampshire, or if your New Hampshire business needs help to grow, expand or adapt to changing business circumstances.

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund seeks out those places in the Granite State’s economy where the right types of financing – or the right combination of loan plus education, training, or technical advice – can open doors of opportunity for people with low and moderate incomes.

      • Business financing supports the creation and retention of quality jobs in New Hampshire by offering loans, investments and training to business owners, including those considered too small or too risky for other lenders.
      • Business Builder loans connect business owners with the financing and expertise they need to succeed in a changing marketplace.
      • Vested for Growth investments, for high-growth, high-margin businesses, meet the market between banks and venture capital firms.\
      • The Farm Food Initiative helps farmers and food producers meet the growing demand for locally produced food.

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NH Micro Credit 1-800-769-3482

WISE Women’s Info Center 1-603-448-5525

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