Open Government

The NH Constitution states:

 “All governing power resides in the people, therefore, all officials are at all times accountable to the people.  The public shall have access to governmental meetings and records.”

Under the New Hampshire Open Meetings Law, you have a right to witness when public bodies deliberate and decide on public policy.  (There are exceptions for certain personnel matters, real estate meetings and pending litigation.)  However, the law does not convey a right to speak or participate.  RSA 91:A

Under the New Hampshire Right to Know Law, you have a right to access New Hampshire’s records, except for investigative files, parole and pardon board records, student records, and certain commercial/financial information.

The 2009 NH Attorney General’s Memorandum on the Right To Know explains the laws on public meetings and records.  (Note: more recent updates have been made to these laws for specific situations.)

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