Citizen Advocates


Some tips for effective communication with your legislators:

    • Refer to both the bill number and the title, if you know it.  (Look it up here:  With more than a thousand bills to consider, most Representatives can only remember a handful of bill numbers.
    • Tell what your personal experience has been that leads you to your opinion.
    • Offer facts, references and background information if you have it.
    • If you oppose your Representative’s position, recognize that they may have information that you do not.  It’s fine to ask what they are basing their vote on.
    • Understand that some decisions have multiple levels to them.  A bill may be based on a great idea, but be poorly written  so it opens the door for unintended consequences. It may meet the needs of one group at the expense of another.  It may solve a practical problem, but at the expense of civil liberties.
    • Sign your email with your full name and town of residence.  Most legislators will pay special attention to emails from within their district.


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