Civic Advocacy Project

This “civic advocacy project” is simply for people who care about people and the world we live in.  

What values do you hold in your heart?  Can they be conveyed in a few words?

Can you take a simple action in accordance with your values, or even one that is a stretch?

Have you found your own style of advocating that is both comfortable and effective?

Do you understand the complexity of the issues you care about?  Do you know the decision making process that impacts those issues?  Can you find up to date information quickly?

Have you “practiced democracy” by voting, having a civil conversation, or writing to your representatives?  Are you ready to have more experiences for greater impact?

Does it relieve you to know that others care as deeply as you do?  Are you grateful to those who offer their support?  And are you just as grateful when you can offer assistance to others?

If your answer to any of these questions leads you to a desire to “advocate from the heart, with confidence grounded in knowledge, experience and connections” then welcome to this civic advocacy project.

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