Representing Albany, Freedom, Madison and Tamworth

Susan Ticehurst

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If you have found this blog and website, you’re probably like me, interested in learning more about our district, state and government.

I use this as a reference site for my work as NH State Representative, summarizing and linking the information that comes across my desk so I can refer back to it as needed.  I’m opening it up to the people of my district to use as a resource.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional information you think might be useful or questions you may have.

8/1/16 Update: Pages are being reviewed and updated.  They’ll be returned as the editing is completed.

Ads: Serving as a Representative requires me to be frugal so I have not purchased the “no ads” package for this website.  I have no control over what ads you might see and may not even be able to see them myself.  Therefore, I do not endorse any product, service or message by any advertiser seen here.  If you find an ad offensive, please do not hesitate to let me know so that I may reconsider blocking ads.

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