Because you care…

What’s your passion?

  • Enjoying the amazing natural setting we share, as you hike, view wildlife or sit by a babbling brook?
  • Access to health care, including mental health care?
  • Quality of life for people with disabilities, the frail elderly and other vulnerable people?
  • Addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services?
  • Safety and security?
  • A criminal justice system that is fair and restorative?
  • A living wage so all workers can support their families?
  • Affordable education from preschool through college?
  • Infrastructure, including broadband, safe roads and bridges?
  • Arts and humanities?
  • A government, by and for the people, that is fair, responsible and open?
  • Something else that is compelling and close to your heart?

You’re an advocate!

  • You convey your passion, whether in conversation with a friend, in a letter to the editor, at a rally, or simply in the voting booth.

The Ticehurst for NH House Campaign is dedicated to you, as the most important advocate.

  • Tell us about your passions;
  • Use the resources here to become a more effective advocate;